Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual

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©2000 International Monetary Fund

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Introduction to the Manual
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Scope and Uses of the Statistics
Relationship to the 1993 SNA
Principles and Concepts
    Economic Territory, Residence, and Center of     Economic Interest
    Time of Recording
    Aggregation, Consolidation, and Netting
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Institutional Units and Sectors
    Economic Territory
    Center of Economic Interest
Institutional Units
    Legal or Social Entities
Classification of Institutional Units into Sectors
The Financial Corporations Sector
    Subsectors of the Financial Corporations Sector
The Nonfinancial Corporations Sector
The General Government Sector
The Household Sector
The Nonprofit Institutions Serving Households Sector
Institutional and Functional Statistics
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Classification of Financial Assets
Definition of Financial Assets
Classification of Financial Assets
    Monetary Gold and SDRs
    Currency and Deposits
    Securities Other Than Shares
    Shares and Other Equity
    Insurance Technical Reserves
    Financial Derivatives
    Other Accounts Receivable/Payable
Other Financial Instruments
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Stocks, Flows, and Accounting Rules
Financial Stocks and Flows
Valuation of Financial Assets and Liabilities
    General Principles
    Instruments Denominated in Foreign Currency
    Debt Reorganizations
    Shares and Other Equity
    Indexed Interest and Principal
    Fair Values
Time of Recording
    Simultaneous Recording of Transactions
    Accrual Accounting
Aggregation, Consolidation, and Netting
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Money, Credit, and Debt
Broad Money
    Types of Financial Assets
    Money Holders
    Money Issuers
The Monetary Base
Liquidity Aggregates
Credit and Debt
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The Framework for Monetary Statistics
Overview of the Framework
Sectoral Balance Sheets
Surveys of Financial Corporations
A Monetary Authorities Account
Illustrative Surveys for the Financial Corporations Sector
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Financial Statistics
The Accounts of the 1993 SNA
    The Structure of the Accounts
    The Balance Sheets and Accumulation Accounts
Flow of Funds Accounts
    The Nature and Uses of Flow of Funds Accounts
    The Structure of Flow of Funds Accounts
Text Annex
5.1   Statistical Treatment of Financial Derivatives
Text Tables
5.1   Stocks and Flows for a Financial Asset or Liability Category
7.1   Sectoral Balance Sheet for a Financial Corporations Subsector
7.2   Central Bank Survey
7.3   Other Depository Corporations Survey
7.4   Other Financial Corporations Survey
7.5   Depository Corporations Survey
7.6   Financial Corporations Survey
8.1   Components of the SNA Balance Sheets
8.2   Major Components of the SNA Capital Account
8.3   Components of the SNA Financial Account
8.4   Major Components of the SNA Revaluation Account
8.5   Major Components of the SNA Other Changes in Volume of Assets Account
8.6   Integrated Capital and Financial Account
8.7   Basic Flow of Funds Account I
8.8   Basic Flow of Funds Account II
8.9   Detailed Flow of Funds Matrices
Text Boxes
3.1   Main Sectors and Subsectors
6.1   Broad Money and its Holders and Issuers: Representative Sectors and Liabilities
6.2   The Monetary Base: Representative Components
6.3   Liquidity Aggregates: Representative Sectors and Liabilities
7.1   Examples for Further Disaggregation of Sectoral Balance Sheets
7.2   Examples of Supplementary Data
8.1   Outline of the Accounts of the SNA and Their Interrelationships
8.2   Relationships Between Main SNA Aggregates for the Total Economy
8.3   Domestic Economy-ROW and Saving-Capital Formation Relationships
8.4   The Balance Sheets and Accumulation Accounts
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The Treatment of Accounts with the IMF
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Islamic Banking
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Illustrative Sectoral Balance Sheets for Financial Corporations Sectors

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